Why Hiring Managers Rarely See the Resume You Submit to Companies

The resume you submit to companies does NOT go directly to hiring managers. Resumes show up first to a company's HR, staffing, or recruiting department. For obvious reasons, companies would never allow resumes they receive to go directly to the hiring managers. Resumes are screened and then forwarded to the managers so as to not waste their time.


Why LinkedIn Profiles are Useless

Oh, wow, you have a LinkedIn account! How modern of you. We are all very impressed. NOT. Here is something to internalize. The people that you should want to impress, who wouldn't waste a minute of their time and life on LinkedIn, are not impressed that you were able to perform the no brain required task of setting up a user name and password and then plow in some information. Yippee, you basically just posted your information on a job board. Posting your resume degrades you and what you're selling, in case you were not aware. Lost in your glee and self-satisfaction of being what you think is a professional is the fact that you are needlessly hurting your job search, which means you are basically hurting your career, finances, livelihood, future, etc. That is not an overstatement.